give us a high five

What are we committed to? Our team. What do we believe in? Our skills. What rules do we follow? Only ours. And there are five of them.


We have to click our way through

Mouse clicks are not what we have in mind; we have to click with each other. Cooperation requires understanding and trust. There's no other way around.


We do our part in the quality of the digital

We do not join every marketing conference there is but we care. We create our own meaningful projects and improve the perception of digital agencies by fair approach towards our clients.


We are highly demanding with ourselves, the same applies to you

We expect our clients to have high demands on our work. And that’s how it should be. But we have our demands, too. We demand high-quality assignments, you reading our reports, and smooth communication. That's the only way to move forward both sides.


Burning the midnight oil, if necessary

Our team isn’t based on cool benefits and nice offices. Those who know us can confirm that what our team has in common is the commitment to (hard) work and the elbow grease beyond limits. Why? Because we love our job. When? When our clients can appreciate.


We are no poseurs when it comes to things we don’t know

Should some marketing service be beyond our limits, we would be more than happy to recommend another agency we believe can deliver top-notch solution. Maybe some will consider us fools, but that's okay.